Coming out as a qualitative researcher, in blockchain?

Also facilitating this first batch of artifacts with this first cohort. Second cohort actually….

Here’s an earlier version of a different learning artifact I made, this one which is my learning “about” (not “in”) the Catalyst Plutus course. To clarify, James is the instructor and Kevin is a participant now in this cohort who has done Study Buddy before.. Two or three times I say “James” when I meant Kevin.

Accessibility is a rather compellling theme for Catalyst and Cardano, seems to me… and here is qualitative evidence suggesting accessibility is a challenge to potential developers.

I’m posting this as another example to the cohort of a Study Buddy-style learning artifact, format is evolving over time, gosh.

About Michael Cenkner

Developer of the Topic-Characteristic-Importance (T-C-I) logical communication protocol and method
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